All About Makeup Brushes Giveaway

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Hello my lovelies so in chapter 9 of my makeup book The Makeup Chair . I talk about my favourite affordable brushes, I want to talk about some extra brushes that I love and who I would recommend them for on top of that (because we are coming to the end of my book series) I want to do a giveaway, but this isn’t a normal giveaway, the winner will win a 5 piece set of brushes that I will personally help them choose from the brushes available on Myself and the winner will find the best brush options for their personal style and the makeup they like to wear. I will pick a follower from each social media account, 5 in total and provided they are also a subscriber on youtube I will pick one as the over all winner! Yay! You have till the 1st of July.  Open Worldwide

Dare to Be Bold with Makeup Bingo

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Dare to Be Bold with Makeup Bingo!

The “no makeup” makeup trend is a great way to show off your natural beauty while concealing blemishes and eye bags, but that doesn’t deem the au natural look more attractive than a perfectly contoured face with a bright red lip. While it has been dubbed one of the most popular makeup styles on and off the runway, according to an article by Refinery 29, your products, tools and colours are there to bring out your inner confidence, and if your best when wearing your electric pink liquid lipstick or a dramatic cat eye, by all means, go for it.