5 Things I Couldn’t Be Without…

5 Things I Couldn’t Be Without…these of some of my favourite all time items. The things I have used a million times and would be lost without!

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Face  |  Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Wash

I have been using this for years! Nothing else works for my skin, if I got two days without using it I will break out,
no matter what else I use nothing keep my skin as clear as this does. There was talk of it being discontinued and I was just gonna buy all the stock up cause I honestly dunno what I would do with it.


Nail | Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails

Since I was 14 and I got my first set of nail I have loved fake nails but that’s not the only reason. For some reason when I wear fake nail the eczema on my hands is 100% under control. I am not sure of the logical reason but I don’t really care, my hands are in the best shape they have ever been. They are cheap, cute and the sizes are great even for small nail beds.

Hair | L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Hair Straightener

I have oily roots but really dry ends. (I have yet to find the perfect product for split ends) because I have to wash my hair everyday the dry ends are suffering but this steam pod fixes EVERYTHING it’s the best things I have ever used on my hair! Smoothes the ends, brings out the colour with a gorgeous shine, curls or straightens it’s amazing. I highly recommend it! Unlike most straightener this has stream that glides over the hair locking in moisturiser. If it broke tomorrow (knock on wood it doesn’t) I would buy another right away!

Body | Jolen Creme Bleach

For years I have had an issue with dark body hair. Thought to be honest it never bothered me as much it did other people. I have tried waxing, shaving but bleaching is amazing. It lightens the hair and gives it a fine baby like finish. It’s bit weird but it works! I use it on my arms and face every few weeks but follow the instructions carefully.

Makeup | Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Last but not least my brushes!! I couldn’t create anything without them, it would be like trying to drive a car without a sheering wheel, like trying to bake a cake without an oven, like trying to type a letter without a keyboard, like trying to know somebody you never met, like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer…well you get the point basically they are make everything easier!! At the moment I am loving the Marble Brush Set by BlankCanvasCosmetics. A perfectly complete set of brushes, it has everything you need. Use discount code SINEAD on www.blankcanvascosmetics.com


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